Troop 688 Outdoor Activities

November 2012: Topanga State park, ten mile day hike.

December 2012:  Skyline hike, 10.5 mile hike.

January 2013:  Big Santa Anita day hike 10 miles.

February 2013:  Will Rogers State park hike to eagle rock, 15 miles

March 2013:  Wilderness park bike ride, 30 and 50 mile rides.

April 2013:  Huntington State beach hike, 10 miles.

May 2013:  Skyline Trail hike, 10.5 miles.

June 2013:  San Jacinto day hike, 10.5 miles Palm Springs tramway, also the La Mirada orienteering course.

July 2013:  Troop 688 family beach party.

August 2013:  Summer camp at FLSR at Circle X, one week.

September 2013:  Santa Ana river trail bike ride 35 miles, Chilao camping trip, and also Catholic Scout Retreat.

October 2013:  Rio Hondo fall camporee camping trip.

November 2013:  “The Bridge to Nowhere” day hike, 10 miles.